Winner Poker Bonus and How to Qualify

Winner Poker Bonus and How to Qualify

Walk into a Poker Club and you’re sure to see scores of people with stacks of Poker Chips. These People are all Playing in there own particular Style and they are all waiting for you to Sign Up so you can play with them also.

It sounds simple, but what’s the catch?. Just walk in and start to play. You won’t qualify for any OFTs until you start playing, so when you sit down at a table and everyone is waiting for you to start Play, you just expect to lose.

Winner Poker Bonus Strategy

Ah, the Chips are here. It’s time to kick back and chill after a grueling day at the office or with strangers. Maybe you can collect those 10k Bonus and double your money? Not so fast.

After each hand of poker (or game of poker), you earn a certain amount of VPPs, which are simply points that you earn by successfully defending your blinds. You earn these points by successfully calling BTS on pockets that have shown strength, or by successfully Horse Betting on hands that have not produced a high pair (pre-flop).

Since you are going to be playing so many hands, you will lose more than you will win. Thus, it will be in your best interest to collect the VPPs as soon as you can. Although it will not be necessary to earn these points in every hand that you play, it will at least be necessary to earn enough points in order to have a shot at the high point rewards (1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place) that are available at the end of the tournament.

At the end of the tournament, you will have a shot at the high point prizes, which are the Gold Stacks, the Millionaire Bonuses, and the Super Millionaire Bonuses. The only way to earn Gold Stacks is by achieving a high enough chip count. The method for earning enough chips to reach the highest level is by collecting bonus points during your play. These points are rewarded according to the difficulty of the games you play. For example, during a $1,500 tournament, you will need to accumulate 7,500 VPPs (VPPs = chips) to earn a Gold Stack. The next highest reward is the Millionaire Bonus, which requires you to accumulate 1,000,000 VPPs. Depending on the tournament payout structure, the top finisher might also win the Super Millionaire bonus.

The huge stacks of the high-point prizes (1st place) are slightly harder to win than the lower stacks, although still quite possible. So, to be able to win the high point prizes, you need to be a lot of chip leader. To make it easier to achieve this, look for tournaments that have a significantly low number of players and a high number of high point prizes (as opposed to the single stack tourneys).

Making a final table even with a smaller stack will be a difficult task; however, if you are the chip leader when the tourney is over, you will win one of the massive prizes, even if you didn’t do so perfectly. Some players make it a hobby to play in high-stakes afapoker tournaments, and then they watch the games they played in back to back. They talk to other players after the tournament and they gain more chips, so when they don’t take the first place as the tournament showed them, they increase their goal and they win one of the high-stake events as a result.