Advanced Poker Strategy - 3 Steps To An Unbeatable Strategy

Advanced Poker Strategy – 3 Steps To An Unbeatable Strategy

Can you imagine a 100% unbeatable strategy only you know? Well don’t miss out on this advanced poker strategy article revealing how to achieve this.

Winning money with poker can be touch and go if you don’t have a clearly defined strategy. Advanced poker strategy is not just about what cards you play, although that is a major part of it. It’s about tactics and how you play them, plus who you play them against and how.

There are many different strategies available, each one contains its own strengths and weaknesses. But which one is the most beatable?

Advanced Poker Strategy – Unbeatable Step #1

The first and most beatable strategy is to play ANY combination of cards that have the chance of beating the dealer’s cards. Some of the most beatable cards are discussed below.

• Any pocket pair e.g. 22, 33, 44, 53, 77, 87, etc
• Any suited card e.g. Q, 6, 5, 3,X, the Ac ad Everything else that isn’t a card. (this includes connectors)
• AK, AQ, AJ, KQ, AAJJJJ – If you have a pair, and the flop has two suited cards, play these too.
• Connectors – Any cards that can lead to a straight flush.
• Any two cards in the middle – Lovers in fact!

Advanced Poker Strategy – Unbeatable Step #2

The second step to achieving an unbeatable strategy is to plan your strategy as ivory-wered. To do this you are going to have to have a clearly defined goal, a strategy that always works, a strong selection of hands to play, plus an overall strategy.

The majority of advanced poker players have one or more follow up goals such as:

  1. Make money, or at least never lose.
  2. Learn a different game, or different playing styles.
  3. Build a strong reputation and make your opponents fear you at the table.

The combination of making money and learning a new game is the most successful strategy. Combine these three and you will have a strong strategy that nobody will be able to beat you with.

By Poker88 in mind where you want to be you will create a powerful strategy from nothing.

Advanced Poker Strategy – Unbeatable Step #3

The third step to an unbeatable strategy is to plan your bets in advance. This is about layout and betting strategy, so that you can always have a logical and methodical approach to your game.

If you always bet the same amount pre-flop, and then you split your pot into half and play each half with different cards, you will not have as good a time as if you bet the same amount pre-flop, and then you play each half with the same cards.

You need to have different sized bets for each half, to develop a signature for the Kem strategy you are implementing.

Making Unbeatable Chess Pairs

The fourth step to an unbeatable strategy is to have an effective list of the best cards for various positions, especially later in the game. When you play you cards in a certain fashion, you can really make your opponent make mistakes.

Making Your Own unforgettable strategy

Although strategy is great, but without a good list of your best cards, it’s useless. You have to formulate your own unique strategy, and test it over time. With time you will notice if the strategy is working or not.

At the beginning, you want to look for these cards, since it will take you a lot of time to gather them. So if you have a list of the best cards, you don’t need to look for new cards, you just have to remember where these cards are, and keep on playing them.

If you are playing Texas Hold’em, and you are sitting on a flush draw, you should play the low cards if there are no straights on the board, since you can still complete your flush. Playing the high cards, especially when there are three cards on the board, will lose you money.

Easy strategies help you make your own distinct strategy, and this is the perfect time to use slow play, bluffing, semi-bluffing and other tactics. The longer you wait to do this, the more information you will gather on your opponents.

You can gather much more information than you can when playing online at a poker room, since nobody is going to be sitting at the same table with you. In this situation you can semi-bluff, which means if there are a lot of checks on the table, then someone may have a better hand than you.

How To Use Lotto System And Become A Winner

Are you thinking about using the lotto system? If so, this article may be of great help to you. Anyways, the lotto system may be called randomly picked numbers or even numbers chosen by a machine, but whatever it is, you still have to be able to get the winning numbers.

In order to be a constant winner in the lotto system, you need to have a plan. Now, it is not wise to expect the hand of lady luck within the confines of your ceiling. You have to admit that your expectations are unrealistic. Then again, you still have to press on and use the lotto system even if you feel frustrated about winning. You have to remember that winning is still a far away. If you want it badly, then it would be really difficult to catch it.

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These systems may charge a certain fee for their information. In this way, you can acquire the necessary information that will make your progress. You can even make use of the internet. The internet is a highly utilized resource in searching for effective methods and strategies to attain your winning prices. There are innumerable websites which give effective tips in winning the lottery. They can give you tips on how to become a winner. They are dedicated lotteryporters which supply you with essential information you need to become a constant winner in the lotto game. Their reviews will give you a bird’s eye view of the available strategies and systems on the market.

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